A follow-up to my first game, Ghostly Labyrinth 2 is another cave adventure about escape and confronting your fears. Inspired by Super Metroid and Luigi's Mansion, this randomized platformer explores a cave system with it's various branches and monsters. Battle ghosts as you try to escape the depths of the cave...

Controls: [Hardware // Keyboard]

Move: [D-pad // arrow keys]
Jump: [A // Z]
Flashlight: [B // X]
Map: [START // Enter]
Compass (directional aid): [SELECT // Shift]

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
TagsGame Boy, gameboy-color, Game Boy ROM, gb-studio, Homebrew, Indie


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GL2 0.7.0.gb 4 MB

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This game is awesome. Loved the way you explained the controls. Haven’t finished but am really enjoying it. Everything about it feels like a good quality cartridge one could find back in the 90’s. 

How’s the game coming along?


It's about 99% done, just got a couple typos to fix. It was originally going to be released in December, but then my publisher (Incube8) decided to shelf it for now. They still want to release it, but don't have a timeline anymore :/

Aw man! Hope it all works out. Is there any reason?

The game is 4MB in size, but only has 2-4 hours of play time, so they don't think it's profitable to sell a whole package (box, manual, etc.). They're thinking of eventually doing a "Incube8 Lite" series, where that sell games like this one as only carts.

Is there any way you can reduce the size of the cartridge? I might be able to help you if you want

Review: An awesome game with good retro pixel feels. I would play this a gain with more like an new game plus maybe. Controls are good but require patience, which is good for retro NES-esque feeling.

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Loved this! I've been working on my own gb studio game but in the classic game boy colours but after seeing your game I love how everything popped in your game. The sprites are really cute and cut scene pixel art was really cool. Game play was fun too, got completely lost, no battery and lost my patience failing to jump to certain points but that was part of the charm and fun to play. Really great little game!

Well thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed it