Major shift

A lot of changes have been happening behind the scenes on the game Brookwood. The first story and plan was ballooning into a project that I felt would be better suited later, especially in a new engine. As a new hobbyist developer, I'm still learning a lot about game design and development. So when I took some time off to ponder how Brookwood was progressing, and felt that I really want to move on to include new systems and what not. While now, I love making Game Boy Color games, there are a lot of limitations with working in this platform. So I decided to shift a lot of my plans into a future game with a different engine. But I still want to finish the Pocket Tactics game because the concept (a Game Boy Color tactics game) is still solid and unique one.

So Brookwood is going through some major shifts, mostly within the narrative and game world but also in the scope. So here is an overhaul of the game. It's still buggy, I've got to iron out some of the new changes, but here are a small list of what is new & different:

  • Updated Battle maps (opening it up for 4 more maps in the future)
  • Status screens to show off the stats of every unit (ally and enemy) and mission before some of the battles
  • New campaign: instead of two parallel campaigns (one for each faction), one 9 part branching storyline that connects all of the factions
  • Classes!
  • Updated factions


Jul 07, 2022
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Jul 07, 2022

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Great to hear, that you are making progressing. :)